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Traditional Divorce Process

Divorce is a difficult transition for couples.  This is especially true when spouses are also parents.  Ideally, you want what is best for your family, but it can be difficult to set aside frustration and feelings of betrayal during the divorce process.  The more your divorce attorney understands your situation the easier it is to move through the traditional divorce process without any snags.

In addition to understanding your specific needs, your attorney must understand divorce laws specific to New York couples.  For instance, your attorney will help you with division of your assets, making decisions about the marital home, child and spousal support arrangements, custody, and parenting plans.  These issues are all essential parts of the traditional divorce process and the smoother decisions about these issues go, the easier it is to move from marriage to divorce.

Even with an attorney, the process can be strained.  The desire to divorce might not be mutual and even when it is, things can get contentious.  You need an attorney who can listen to your needs and advocate for you – in the courtroom or in settlement negotiations.  Whether you have just decided to divorce or you are in the midst of a difficult transition, Diana Bangert-Drowns, an experienced Albany, New York divorce attorney can help you make the best of the situation. Call her today at 518-432-1243 for expert and compassionate assistance in this trying time of your life.


Data shows that approximately one-half of first marriages end in divorce. The statistics are even more daunting for second and third marriages, with up to three quarters of those marriages failing. Though many divorces are bitter and destructive, it is possible to end a marriage with dignity, and where there are children, to restructure the family in a way that is best for everyone.