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Guardianship is an arrangement created by the court to ensure a child is cared for when traditional parental circumstances are not an option.  Guardians can be adults or agencies appointed the responsibility of caring for a child.  Sometimes, guardianship is arranged for the future.  For instance, if a parent is terminally ill, he or she will appoint someone as the future guardian of their children.

Guardianship begins with petitioning the court.  Often, relatives family friends, or a child protection agencies petition family court in Albany, NY for guardianship.  If a child is over 14, he or she can also request guardianship.

A hearing is held to determine whether or not guardianship will be granted.  The person(s) requesting guardianship states his or her case for the court to hear.  Additionally, information related to the case can be submitted to the court.  Documents that are helpful in granting guardianship include the child’s birth certificate, the death certificate of the parent(s), proof of identification, and proof of residence.  In cases where a minor child has petitioned the court, a Form 6-4 Waiver of Process, Renunciation, or Consent to Guardianship will be completed by the child’s parents.

Guardianship can be a complicated process.  Working with Diana Bangert-Drowns, an experienced Albany, New York attorney, familiar with guardianship issues makes it easier to make decisions about important guardianship matters.  Call her today at 518-432-1243 for a consultation on how she can help make the process easier for you and your loved ones.


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